Managed Services

Managed Services

Lovelace Scientific and Technical Services

Lovelace Managed Services, a division of Lovelace Biomedical and Environmental Research Institute, provides professional staffing services and management expertise in the areas of program management and information technology.

Lovelace, our parent company, is a unique not-for-profit biomedical research organization with world-renown research staff and facilities. Lovelace Managed Services’ reach-back capability extends deep within Lovelace  to utilize the services and expertise within the organization. Together, Lovelace Managed Services and Lovelace represent an extraordinary alliance with far-reaching capabilities to meet the nation’s service-sector needs.

Lovelace Managed Services consistently delivers exceptional services to government clients regardless of size or affiliation. Lovelace Managed Services focuses on listening to our client needs and requirements. If the mandate is to find the most qualified person for a job, we use our vast network of contacts and our time-proven recruiting processes. Whatever the need, we move quickly to fulfill every demand and service for our clients—federal, state and local government agencies as well as commercial sector companies.


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Ellen Pryor
Program Manager, Lovelace Scientific and Technical Services

Office: 505-348-9531
Cell: 505-377-5985

Program Management

Areas of Expertise

With over 100 combined years of program and project management expertise, Lovelace Managed Services provides results-driven program and project management. Our focus on program management provides the ability to deliver services and products on time and within budget. We focus on providing expertise with qualifications in the following areas:

• Project management change process

• DoD/USCG/NASA program management implementation experience

• DoD acquisition Level III certified program management

Information Technology

Areas of Expertise

Lovelace Managed Services  delivers high-quality consulting services based on our experience and industry best practices. Our Consulting Management Model consists of a three-phase approach:

1) understanding the client’s business issues,

2) identifying alternative solutions and

3) providing the information needed to choose a solution—including any data needed to gain organization acceptance or to build a business case for execution. We combine world-class project management with business and technology experts to deliver sound advice and develop realistic solutions for your business.

We know and understand the following areas and can supply the right people with the right knowledge in the unique areas of:

• DoD 8510.01/DoD 8570.01-M/Army Regulation (AR) 25-2

• Research IT systems

• Enterprise service desk

• Network operations including desktop support/ help desk management, network engineering and maintenance, and network security

• Design and management of enterprise

• Web-based thin client application development

• Website design, development, deployment and management

• Network compliance methodologies

• Web development

• Systems administration

• Database development and administration

Biomedical Services

Areas of Expertise

Through Lovelace, our parent company, Lovelace Managed Services is able to provide an extensive reach-back capability in the biomedical area. Lovelace has many distinguished scientists, all of whom have worked on federal contracts and are familiar with conducting and coordinating work with government agencies. Areas of expertise include:

• Defining health effects threats

• Developing threat reduction protocols

• Testing and obtaining FDA approval of new therapies and vaccines

• Supporting DoD studies on the health effects of field exposures to biotech agents

• Researching infectious diseases

• Studying radionuclide and chemical agent exposure

Lovelace/ Lovelace Managed Services  federal clients include the NIH, DHS, CDC, DOE, DOD, DTRA, and EPA.

Reach-Back Capabilities with Lovelace

Areas of Expertise

Founded in 1947, lovelace employs more than 100 PhD-level scientists as well as 540 technical and support staff, with an annual budget of $81 million. Lovelace research programs include:

• Defense-related research and development in chemical and Select Agents

• Regulatory compliance support for quality assurance and Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs)

• BSL-3 facilities to grow, study, and aerosolize viral, bacterial and fungal threat agents to include transuranic radionuclides and chemical threat agents

• Facilities engineering and management experience with containment laboratories and animal housing facilities

• Inhalation toxicology and aerosol research of hazardous compounds, radioactive materials and biological agents

• Animal model studies for small-molecule drugs and biopharmaceuticals

• Clinical trials and pharmacoeconomics research through Lovelace subsidiaries

Specialty Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Lovelace has been recognized as a world leader in conducting inhalation toxicology studies for more than 40 years. Expertise includes the development of new respiratory therapies, new animal models of respiratory diseases, and the study of occupational hazards and commodity chemicals, agrochemicals and environmental toxicants.

Areas include:

  • Respiratory
  • Infectious Disease
  • Gene Therapy
  • Neuroscience
  • Alternative Tobacco Products
  • Medical Countermeasures