Mako Lab Passes COLA Inspection With Flying Colors!

22 Feb, 2017

A big “Hat’s Off” to Brenna Espelien who works as the Lab Coordinator of the Mako Lab at North campus. She facilitated their first official COLA inspection at the beginning of the month, which went very well. The COLA inspectors were scheduled to be on-site for 3.5 days, but they were done after a day and a half, which is extremely impressive for this sort of inspection. Mako only had one finding during the inspection, which they will address in the coming weeks. After that, they will receive our full accreditation as a COLA/CLIA compliant lab! The inspectors noted that the Mako lab was the best one they’ve ever inspected- WOW! Great Job to your team, Brenna and keep up the great work!!